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La Paz Bolivia Market

La Paz Market

This scene is from a market in La Paz, Bolivia, just off Sarganaga. The streets are full of people. The vendors sit on the sidewalks or cobblestone streets to sell their wares. This cholita selling oranges is right next to a stand selling oil cloth and plastic for table covers. Usually there are several stands in a row or block selling the same items. You have to bargain to buy items. Sometimes if the vendor is selling more than one thing, like apples and oranges. Oranges would be the most common so if you wanted apples you would have to buy some oranges as well. If you buy a certain amount you might also receive a llapa or little bonus. For example, if you buy a sweater, you might receive a tiny knitted doll as well.

Oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches, framed in hand carved Bolivian frame. Private collection in Georgia.